Barack Obama’s Fairy Palace

Obama must have this cartoon running on a constant loop in his head.

If you have nine minutes or so, watch it. You will never see a better demonstration of President Obama’s philosophy of governance and general mind set. “The Little Mole” not only explains Obama’s weird ignorance of commonly known facts. It also explains his imperviousness to changing situations and inability to learn from past mistakes.

SPECIAL BONUS: “The Little Mole” also contains Barack Obama’s exact view of the medical profession as well.

As you can see “The Little Mole” is a heart-warming tale of the benefits of ignorance and delusion.

The cartoon argues for the fenced-in life under the watchful eyes of an authoritarian, that acceptance of, and belief in a genial lie is always preferable to a clear-eyed assessment of the joys and dangers of the real world.

When Sonny, the titular little mole, is unable the handle the freedom brought about by clear sight, he’s rescued by Mama who restores him to his safe life behind a protective fence. At the same, time Mama encourages Sonny to reject the fact learned by his direct experience, that his beautiful “fairy palace” is, in fact, a pile of junk rotting in a sewage ditch. In the end, Sonny accepts and reaffirms the genial lie. He loves his fairy palace.

The Little Mole’s journey isn’t so very different from Winston Smith’s in the novel, “1984”. Only without electroshock torture and face-eating rats. After all, this was a children’s cartoon made in 1941 by MGM. But it could just as easily be a cartoon released by “1984”‘s Ministry of Love.

And that, in part, explains why Barack Obama, though portrayed as a modern, state-of-the-art progressive politician so often seems a President stuck in the amber of the last century. His concerns, his policies, his beliefs are those of a 1940-1950’s socialist. That his primary intellectual mentor is Saul Alinsky should surprise no one.

In his book, “Dreams of My Father”, Barack Obama details the construction of his “fairy palace”, explains how he sought out the most radical elements in both his college and political careers. Notice how he didn’t seek out the best information, didn’t try to gain the most knowledge about the world that he could. Obama already had the blueprint to his “fairy palace” and that was his father’s communism.

In the 1940’s maybe one could’ve honestly argued for communism/socialism as a solution to the ills of the world, but in 2009, no.

Sorry. No one can look at the gulags of the Soviet Union and prison camps of China, Cuba, North Korea, Cambodia and seriously believe that. Even that doughty, little nanny of socialism, the national healthcare system of Britain, provides nothing for us to admire or emulate.

And yet, regardless of the failure of his policies, the failures of socialized healthcare here in the U.S., Obama sits behind his little protective fence squinting as he ruins a once vibrant economy and seeing not the wreckage but the fairy palace.

The fairy palace in which he will force us all to live.

SPECIAL BONUS ANALYSIS OF THE SPECIAL BONUS: The cartoon’s portrays Dr. Primrose Skunk B.O. in exactly the same way Barack Obama portrays the medical profession. That is, as snake oil salesmen.

But what exactly is Dr Primrose Skunk’s crime?

Dr Skunk correctly diagnoses Sonny’s need for glasses. He tests his diagnosis with an eye chart and a “scary, zany” technical apparatus and comes up with the proper solution. He provides Sonny with glasses that finally allow him to see the world clearly. So why is Dr Skunk portrayed as a villain?

Well, apparently because Dr Skunk wants to get paid for his valuable services. Surely, Dr Skunk could’ve given Sonny a couple of pain killers or left him untreated. That would’ve been just as good as glasses and cheaper, too! Why, the little mole’s lucky Dr Skunk didn’t steal his tonsils and cut off his feet!

However, Dr Skunk’s greatest crime maybe that he encouraged Sonny to use his new freedom to explore the world. He wants Sonny to leave behind his protective fence. Sonny may have lost his “fairy palace”, but he’s gained reality and the ability and freedom to accomplish whatever he wishes as an individual.

So who’s the snake oil salesman? Dr Primrose Skunk’s solution allows for freedom of choice. Sonny could certainly reject the glasses. Dr Skunk’s solution gives Sonny the gift of liberty and a clear vision of the world as it is. Sonny is free to move beyond his protective fence.

On the other hand, all of Barack Obama’s solutions require the force of law. All of his reforms cram everyone behind the same protective fence, all require you to give up freedom. All diminish the scope of your dreams in favor of Barack Obama’s Fairy Palace.

I know which solution I prefer.

I’ll take Dr Primrose Skunk’s cure over President Obama’s each and every time.

13 responses to “Barack Obama’s Fairy Palace

  1. Even glenn beck used a fence to surround fox news headquarters, to give a clearer picture of the division of ideologies.

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  3. Lars wtf? 1:42 PM is a little early to be hammered, isn’t it? Or are you always this incoherent?

    • Ally, I was just passing through and read Lars’ statement and your rejoinder, and I can tell you what he’s referring to. Last week, perhaps Monday, Glenn started a segment by saying words to the effect that ‘now the crazies know where Fox HQ is..”, at which point Glenn laid out a NYC map on his desk, had the camera zoom in, pointed out the Fox building, then started using props to ‘defend’ that spot on the map. He had fencing and perhaps little toy soldiers, I can’t recall precisely, but he also set some toy tanks on the map, and if memory serves, he had the turrets pointing IN toward their ‘building’. As I said, I was only partly paying attention, getting ready for something, and you’d have to ask someone for the specifics, but that is, no doubt, what Lars is going on about.

      • Neill: What’s Glen Beck have to do with Obama? Does Glen want socialized medicine? Does Glen want to share the wealth? No! You see the cartoon was about Obama’s fairy tale views not about Beck. The story was not asking Lars to come up with a tit for tat. So Lars is a child who cannot think past he said she said or has an indefensible position and can only lash out in anger.

  4. Obama does not care about the American people. He is a “rock” star and not a president!Does he care about the 56 men who pledged their Lives,Fortunes,and sacred Honor? They did it for just one thing:FREEDOM. As a canadian ,I see that Obama wants a socialistic country.

  5. Great breakdown of an otherwise simplistic cartoon. It would not surprise me to learn that MGM was pushing a socialist agenda when this was written. 1941 was the height of the NEW DEAL, and Hollywood was very much in the biz of pushing Govt programs. I have a couple Loony Toons box sets that include some WWII cartoons encouraging folks to buy war bonds and such. (not really bad ideas at the time, just an example of what I’m talking about.) Have you ever seen the one about the mouse living in a junk yard, pretending to be blind, while hording money from the tax collector? Another great example.

  6. Barack would have told the skunk he was blind for not seeing the fairy palace, and then dismissed him as one of those Fox News-watching bitter clingers.

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