Top 5 Causes For What’s Growing Inside Your Womb

As a firm believer in man-made global warming and Obamacare, I’m glad to see that the science of climate change is now being applied to the field of obstetrics.

The adoption of the Michael Mann Methodology of High Risk Assessment by your OB-GYN and our upcoming new national healthcare system can only result in improved women’s health.

Ladies, it is imperative that we break free of “Big Baby” and begin to think for ourselves. We need to listen to early adopters of the MMMoHRA, Planned Parenthood when they tell us that’s not a baby growing inside you.

In fact, a baby is the least likely thing to be growing in your womb.

The science is settled, deniers!

Using the MMMoHRA and the methodology of man-made global warming, we finally know just what it is growing in your womb and exactly how it got there.

We now know the:


5) Spontaneous ejaculation by overhead sea gull.

4) Alien probing

3) Swallowed watermelon seeds

2) cockroaches + lights on in dark kitchen = do we really have to paint you a picture?

1) Sushi

Don't be fooled by Big Baby! 9 out of 10 times it's an octopus growing inside you!

HAT TIP: Hot Air.

One response to “Top 5 Causes For What’s Growing Inside Your Womb

  1. Heh. Expect an Ace-a-lanche.

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