Where Are All The Lawsuits?

The most important question you can ask yourself about the new nationalized healthcare emerging from Congress is this:

Where are all the nuclear power plants?

Yep, the cleanest, most efficient, most practical, most environmentally friendly way to generate power is pretty much off the table in these United States.

Elsewhere in the world? It’s a nuclear partay!.


Endless lawsuits from the left. They’ve mastered the art of the harassment lawsuit.

How does it work? Like this:

Step 1: Find a governmental or privately funded project you don’t like.

Step 2: Comb all laws, federal, state, local, which in the broadest interpretation possible just might have a bearing on the project you don’t like.

Step 3: Manufacture a reason to sue the government or private company.

Step 4: Rinse, wash, repeat. Until you have a huge list of potential lawsuits.

Step 5: Give your organization a spiffy name like: People For Kindness To Puppies and Who Love Rainbows and the American Way, People For Responsibility In Government. That kind of thing. Because who could possibly be against puppies and rainbows and the American Way?

Step 6: Start suing. One suit at a time. Make sure to get the judge to suspend all work on the project until the lawsuit is settled. Be as unreasonable as possible. Delay. Delay. Delay. Draw the suit out.

If the suit is about to be settled, bring a new lawsuit. With any luck at all, you can prevent the project for years, possibly decades. Or the huge cost of litigation might just cause them to shut down the project.

Step 7: Gin up as much public concern as possible. In other words, Alinsky-ize supporters of the project as greedy, careless, corrupt, etc. Force them to defend what you’ve made to be indefensible. This step is important and actually should be used all during steps 1-5.

I’m not a lawyer, but I’ve seen this scenario play itself out time after time on a variety of issues. Don’t want a new reservoir? Sue. Don’t like the way people voted? Sue.

And with the way this piece of garbage coming out of the Senate was constructed, I’m sure there’s plenty to work with, such as:



Illegally(?) changing rules or laws.

Budgetary shenanigans.

Heck, even to my non-lawyer eyes this bill appears on the face of it to be unConstitutional. That could be a good quality year or two long lawsuit.

Conservative lawyers, it’s time to man up. This should be like an attack by spider monkeys ie. coming from all directions at once. State, federal, local. Make sure jurisdictions don’t overlap so it’s hard to bundle the lawsuits.

Be creative. Have fun.

And sue.

Sue always.

Sue continuously.

The left has set the rules of the game.

It’s time for us to start playing.

If we can delay this piece of garbage long enough, the American people win.

UPDATE: Hat’s Off To South Carolina Go, baby, go!

2 responses to “Where Are All The Lawsuits?

  1. ABSO – F’ING – LUTELY! Let fly with the lawsuits.

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