The Top Five Reasons President Obama Suddenly Appears To Be Going Bald

Yes, this photo released by the White House is one of the best photoshopping opportunities ever.

But, it’s also interesting for another reason.

It appears to show that President Obama is going bald.

Now there could be lots reasons for that such as weird lighting, though that doesn’t appear to be the case.

Or, it could be real via genetics.

Or, more likely, stress. We’re told the poor little feller doesn’t sleep enough. Too much partying. Also, you know, he’s got responsibilities and junk too. And, what about all those conservative victories during the best week ever.

Aw, who am I kidding? All those reasons are unlikely long shots.

So, here are:


5) Hair-In-A-Can Mishap: Michelle bought “Maui Mahogany” instead of “Midnight Ebony”.

4) Made a Super Bowl commercial for Pepsi.

3) Secretly Jewish! Has tell-tale “yamulke tan”.

2) Bizarre “going full Brazilian” accident.

1) Wear and tear on spot where all world leader’s pat Obama’s head when he bows to them.

Why do you think President Obama suddenly appears to be going bald?

HAT TIP: Cuffy

3 responses to “The Top Five Reasons President Obama Suddenly Appears To Be Going Bald

  1. Probably some sort of friction wear from either: a) his forearm brushing his head as he reaches back to pat himself on the back for being a totally awesome President; or b) scraping his head as he ducks responsibility for his crappy performance as President.

  2. Biden loves to give noogies, what can I say?

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