Irene Has Potential To Be Most Destructive Hurricane In U.S. History….Could Send Obama Back To Work Early

Hurricane Irene now has the potential to be the most destructive hurricane in U.S. history.

With the National Weather Service latest upgrade of Irene to a category III hurricane and the new projected landfall map, Hurricane Irene could force Obama off his girl’s bike and back to work!

Hurricane Irene’s Category III winds carry with them the distinct possibility of disrupting the President’s eating of ice cream cones. And making him all drippy and messy and really really sticky.

Though the decision to cut the President’s vacation short has not yet been made, the threat hangs heavy over the nation’s head.

As always with President Obama the question isn’t whether to waste the public’s money or not, but how to waste it.

Should he extend his vacation, perhaps by renting the domed stadium in Indianapolis and filling it with Hawaiian beach sand and an emergency wave pool, and let his job destroying policies continue to do their work while he parties?


Should he go back to Washington DC and enact new schemes to enrich his cronies while bankrupting not just the present generation but your children and grand-children?

It is a quandary.

Worse yet, President obama might decide to take us all on another road trip:

Well, perhaps after 2012, we won’t have to worry about whether the President chooses ice cream cones over destroying the economy further and elect a real man.

UPDATE: It goes without saying: Those in real wind and wave danger take care, prepare, and be safe.

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